Tape/Media Vaulting Services

Most of VRI’s customers are located in the Mid-Atlantic corridor from New York to Philadelphia with a daily service radius that extends another 75 miles beyond that.


This is a region where Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are genuine concerns. If your business is located here, there’s a good chance that you have firsthand experience with a “real” data center disaster. So we really don’t see a need to tell you why you should use the services of an off-site tape vaulting service. We would rather tell you why you should choose VRI for this critical responsibility.

Off-Site Tape Vaulting is VRI’s primary service. It has been for over 40 years. We are confident that the VRI Team has more hands-on experience than anyone in our business. It really is a team—VRI’s Executive Management has been intact for more than 25 years. Most key operations personnel have at least 15 years of experience, and the Account Sales & Support team has been constant for more than 15 years.

As a team, we have successfully supported all of our customers’ needs, no matter how mundane or how extensive they might be. We have supported thousands of disaster recovery tests, transported in excess of one billion tapes and have consistently met our customers’ needs even when their companies were literally in life and death situations.

The real secret to our success lies in the fact that we recognize that the basic principles in this industry are essentially the same as they were when VRI started in 1980. Of course, technology advances such as the application of bar-code technology and the use of the internet have helped to automate much of the reporting and inventory work. But OFFSITE TAPE VAULTING is not really a technology-driven business. It is still most effective when you provide your customers with:

  • Unique high-security facilities: VRI’s facilities are underground buildings originally designed to take a nuclear hit. Nobody else has buildings like these. Within these buildings, each VRI customer is given dedicated space.
  • Security while in transit: Your tapes are only transported in VRI owned and maintained vehicles. Many of our competitors use outside courier services for emergency deliveries, but not VRI. We want to maintain as much control as possible while your tapes are on the road. All VRI vehicles are tracked by GPS at all times.
  • Inventory tools: All tape movement is tracked by VRI’s proprietary Vital-Link software. Your tape inventory will be displayed online and you will be notified of all tape movement, into or out of VRI.
  • A large, experienced and flexible support team: Remember that VRI is a regional provider. So, ALL of our resources are located right here in your area.

Whether it’s Operations, Technical Services, Customer Service, Account Reps or VRI’s President, we’re all here at your disposal at all times. All decisions are immediate and local—there’s never a need to “run it by corporate.” If you need us, we will be there for you.

You are hiring us to protect and manage your critical corporate information. We hope that you will DEMAND that we provide you with the best service available here in the Northeastern United States.