Flagtown Vault

Located in rural Somerset County in NJ, the VRI Flagtown facility is the original VRI Vault.


VRI’s Flagtown facility was purchased directly from AT&T in 1980. When we bought the building, there was no above ground space at all.  Visitors would enter the small entrance way and walk down a set of stairs to the vault area, more than 25 feet below ground.

In 1986, we added an above-ground expansion. The above ground portion is a high-security building, but it is designed to resemble a barn so that it blends into the surrounding countryside. That expansion increased storage capacity by more than 1,000%. VRI’s administrative offices are also housed in this building.

There are no signs or any identifying marks on the buildings, and VRI is the sole occupant. The facility is fully staffed by VRI operations personnel at all times.

From this facility, VRI services customers located in central and southern New Jersey, Delaware, and parts of Pennsylvania including the Philadelphia area.