Strategic Tape Discovery

Companies today must seek to understand the content on backup media to discern whether they are prepared to respond to litigation requests.


Ignorance of the laws and maintaining an inadequate records retention program offer no defense to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Lack of preparedness can cost huge sums of money and can put your company at risk. Is your organization prepared?

Trusted Data Solutions, LLC (TDS) offers Strategic Tape Discovery, the most comprehensive backup tape discovery process in the industry. TDS can add insight and deeper knowledge pertaining to the content of your media so that you will be better equipped to make informed decisions regarding ESI and litigation. This process is designed to be fully defensible and auditable.


Backup Tape Cataloging and Indexing: Session Cataloging and File Level Cataloging services help customers increase efficiency and make legacy data more accessible.  This is accomplished by swiftly and accurately identifying and organizing unknown media and providing a detailed listing of the data backed up to their tapes.