Electronic Vaulting

Since 1980, the management of critical corporate data has been VRI’s only business.

We protect millions of backup tapes in our unique underground high-security facilities.

Along the way, we have handled more than 1 billion tape transactions, supported more than 6,000 disaster recovery tests, and have been actively involved in numerous live disasters for our customers, all without incident.

How We Manage Your Tapes

Every VRI customer is given dedicated space within our facility. Within that dedicated space, your media will be stored together and in order at all times. Your media will not be intermixed with anyone else’s media.

  • On-Site, 24-Hour Staffing: Our facilities are fully staffed at all times, 24x7x 365. You call the same phone number 24 hours per day and qualified personnel located in the facility will be there to help you at all times.
  • VRI Employees: Every employee goes through an extensive background check and receives the most detailed training in the business.
  • Tapes In Transit: All of our vehicles are tracked at all times by a satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS), so there’s never a question about where your media is located.
  • Solution Partner Channel: VRI is fully committed to continuing our leadership position in the traditional tape vaulting business. We also recognize that backup and recovery methodologies continue to evolve.

We’re proud to introduce a new suite of solutions that will be supported by the Solution Partner Channel.

 Did You Know?

  • Each VRI customer receives their own dedicated tape storage space within our facilities, with all tapes stored in volume serial order. Your tapes will never be intermixed with other VRI customer tapes.
  • VRI utilizes intelligent applications of technology to provide our customers with a complete inventory control management system.
  • VRI has successfully provided support for over 6,000 recovery tests.
  • VRI protects more than 6 million tapes within our two facilities.
  • VRI provides data protection to more than 2,000 data centers in the northeast region.
  • VRI delivers immediate emergency response to our customers.
  • VRI offers Data Restoration, Tape Indexing and Strategic Tape Discovery services. Your tapes never leave VRI’s secure facilities.